Breaking Walls Competition - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept physical entries by mail?
No. We prefer to keep it green and only accept scripts electronically in PDF format.

Can I enter a script that was submitted to other contests or festival screenplay competitions?

Can I enter more than one script?

Can I enter if I've won a previous Breaking Walls contest?
Yes, but only with a different script. We won't allow the same script to win repeatedly but the writer continues to be eligible.

Can I enter if I live outside of the United States?
Yes, as long as your script is written in English.

Can I enter a script that's longer than 160 pages?
This is not recommended. All else aside, it's generally accepted that scripts over this page count very likely need to be tightened up - especially one that's meant to be a thriller. Most producers and reps prefer thriller scripts that are concisely written - quick and punchy yet intensely visual. Visual doesn't mean flowery and over-descriptive. It's not a novel. It'd usually be in your best interest to cut it down if your thriller currently exceeds 160 pages.

How do I format my script?
We recommend using screenplay software such as Final Draft, Movie Magic Screenwriter, Celtx, or Fade In to write and format your script. The default layouts for screenplays are typically accepted throughout the industry. Specs in recent years have strayed on a few things (like the occasional uses of bolded sluglines) but as an unproduced writer, your safest bet is to stick with the established standards in formatting and just let your writing show your unique voice.

Are novels, short stories, stage plays or teleplays allowed?
No. This is a screenwriting competition for feature scripts only. If you've written an adaptation of existing source material, please make sure you can prove you own 100% of the rights to the source material (or verify that the source material is public domain under US Copyright Law at the time of entry.)

I've changed the script since entering. Can I enter a revised draft?
Please contact support - this may be allowed on a case-by-case basis depending on the current status of judging. However, in general, please proof read your entry draft and make sure it's the draft you'd like to enter.

If my script is optioned or sold after I enter, is it still eligible?
Yes. As long as it wasn't optioned or sold at the time you entered it, it will still be eligible. (If your script is under new ownership and you would like to withdraw it from consideration by our industry contacts, please contact support and let us know.)

Do you take any kind of ownership or rights over the screenplays entered into the contest?
No. The script will still be your intellectual property to control, sell and option.

If I sell or option the script after entering it into the contest, will you take a percentage of profits?
No. We'll only facilitate the exposure of winning scripts and finalist loglines to working professionals in the industry - we will not take any kind of percentage or ownership in doing so.

If I won a previous round of the Breaking Walls contest, can I enter again?
You, as a writer, are still eligible to enter future rounds. To be fair to other entrants, however, your winning script cannot be entered again. (However, past finalists may be entered again.)

Can I enter an action-thriller or horror-thriller script?
We're open to thrillers of all kinds including ones that overlap with other genres, such as horror (ex. DEVIL) and action (ex. TAKEN). Thrillers are driven by tension, suspense, excitement and anticipation so if the meat of your story fits that description, there's a good chance it fits the genre.

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